DH360 Wednesday Line Dance Recap 10/26/16

Tonight we experimented with a new format. The first hour was all review of our recent dances. Completely geared towards making sure everything we teach sticks. Review, reiterate, and apply. The response was great and we’re going to move on with it.

That being out there, the Beginner Level dancing is moving to Tuesday night. 6pm will start with an introductory course for absolute newbie friendly steps and patterns. At 7, will be a beginner style lesson and some review. 8pm: open dance to practice everything that got learned from then until now. Easier style line dancing all night.

Wednesdays will bring back some more challenges. We’ll keep rocking out the Improver Level & Social style dancing and we’re going to reintroduce the easier Intermediate levels that we had at the ‘ol Celebrations Dance Hall. Yes, it took a little time but we went for quality of what we could provide and it paid off.

Here’s the recap on what we were dancing tonight:
Feature – Gypsy Queen
Shake A Tail Feather
The Fighter
CT Shuffle
Agua Y Fuego
Drift Away

Tuesday Nights at DH360 – Beginner Line Dancing

Exciting new changes to our beginner night……
For starters, we are moving…. To Tuesday evening.

Join Sheryl every Tuesday starting November 15th at $5 for the evening.

At 6pm we start our Absolute Beginner line dancing classes. This class is designed for that student wanting to try out dancing. Always wanted to dance but have two left feet…. that’s ok – this is the class for you! We will teach a few simple steps at a slow pace breaking down the basics, moving at a slower level until your comfort level with dancing increases. By the end we will have you line dancing to the music, learning some terminology, and tips, all while having fun, meeting new friends, and getting a great workout each week.

At 7, our Beginner class begins. This is designed for that student that wants to move on from the introductory basics, but needs to learn dances at a slower pace. Here we will continue with the basics steps and patterns you have been working on in the Intro class. We will begin introducing different popular 32 count dances, as well as continuing to teach and refine beginner steps and terminology. In this class, you will see new dances or patterns weekly along with 2 -3 reviews from the previous week’s lessons.

8 pm – Open Dance – Continue to practice all your favorites during our open dance.

Join us at 6, 7 or 8 PM We look forward to teaching you on the floor.



DH 360 Line Dance Recap 10/19/16

Swivels are definitely a thing right now. It seems like a dance ain’t nothing if it ain’t got swivels!

This week’s featured line dances for teaches at Dance Hall 360:
Shake A Tail Feather
Let It Swing

There were a few others we haven’t seen in a little while:
Footprints on the Water

M.A.E. Line Dancing Recap 10/18/16

The classes are progressing! The Intro class has stepped up their game and started in on shuffle steps while the Beginner+ group is moving into both Latin and Waltz rhythms!

Intro Class Lessons:
Tempting Elvis

Beginner+ Lessons:
The Waltz Line Dance (taught with 1 twinkle set)


DH360 Line Dance Recap 10/12/16

So the instruction was OK considering Aric’s knee was shot again and Sheryl’s heel was hurting as well. We’ll send a shout out thanks to Robert Delong for being our feet while we talked through it. Here’s the listing of dances featured and reviewed tonight:

New Teaches:
Agua Y Fuego
CT Shuffle

La Cienega BLVD


M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 10/11/16

The classes are progressing along very well! The Intro class is well past 16 count walks and turns ad on to 32 (straight) count dances. They’re getting a lot of basic steps, matched in routines and just doing a great job putting it all together. The Beg+ class has been learning triple step rhythms and have moved on to dances away from the regular 1/4 turn. Below is a listing of dances from this past week:

Fun For All
Bartender’s Stomp
Bull Frog On A Log

Blue Night Cha
Let Me Sleep

M.A.E. Line Dancing Recap 10/4/16

Well after a horrific intercom experience for all in attendance (a wireless mic from a recording studio was being received all night), we got back into the class the following week without too much disruption! And the dancers came back with a desire way stronger than the first week! We moved well past the planned teaches and into the next week’s material!

Intro Class, here are your new lessons’ step sheets. Videos can be found on each page when applicable:
And It Goes Like This
Bullfrog On A Log

Beginner+ Class, here is your list & links:
Blue Night Cha
Let Me Sleep

DH360 Line Dancing 10/5/16

Here are the featured line dances for Wednesday, 10/5/16 at Dance Hall 360 with Aric:

La Cienega BLVD (World On Fire)
Yo Te Quiero Ver
Gansta Walk

Selections from the playlist tonight:
A Little Humble
A Little Love Trip
Black Mercedes
Illusions of Nudity
Greater Than Me
The Fighter
Drift Away
Hit the Floor

DH360 Line Dance Recap 9/28/16

The monthly review was conducted at Dance Hall 360 on Wednesday covering 4 of our favorite dances in the last month. A new dance was brought out as a beginner teach which many of us found to be an excellent source of steps at a comfortably slow tempo that instructors can use to transition dancers from an Intro (AB) to Beginner Level. Here is a step sheet for “Tempting Elvis” and a video following. At the bottom is our list of reviews.

A Little Love Trip
Drift Away
The Fighter
Well Do Ya

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 9/27/16

Everything was on track until we experienced the technical difficulty of someone’s wireless mic coming over our intercom system. It caused enough disturbance to shorten the first class (Beg+) and postpone the next (Intro) to a later date.

The Beg+ class started Blue Night Cha, this will be our kickoff lesson for next week.
Here’s a step sheet and video for those looking to prep for next week’s class:
Step Sheet