DH360 Line Dance Recap 8/10/16

Tonight’s featured dances included a selection from one of our local favorites: Jill Weiss. “Stop and Drink” brings out a little twist on some of the beginner step Rumba Box and literally adds a twist for good measure! The harder lesson at 7pm was “Cake By the Ocean”. This has been extremely popular locally. We’ll be splitting the floor for both Pflug’s and Blevins’ versions. Below are the links:

Stop and Drink
Cake By the Ocean


DH360 Line Dance Recap 8/3/16

Wednesday at Dance Hall 360 feature the #1 dance on CopperKnob (at the time of the teach) choreographed by Rob Fowler.
Here is the run down of featured dances of the night:

Drift Away (Rob Fowler)
Country Walkin’
A Cheerleader

Line Dance Aric

Intro to Line Dance Recap 8/1/16

Monday’s Intro to Line Dancing class featured 3 new dance steps for the students.

– Charleston
– Rocking Chair
– Toe Struts

Here are the dances used to practice these steps:
Mamma Maria (Frank Trace)
Fun For All (Sue Ann Ehmann)

DH360 Line Dance Recap 7/27/16

A completely fun night of dances was had tonight as Aric covered both lessons. Tonight we featured music off the charts from now and recently with Meghan Trainor (#12 on Billboard today!) and Omi.

Here are the dance sheets for lessons tonight:

A Cheerleader
Wanna Be Me


DH360 Line Dance Recap 7/20/16

We played a little catch up this past Wednesday with a featured reteach of Johanna Barnes’ choreography “Brokenhearted” and a popular local favorite “Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby” by Gitte Stehr. Reviews of last week’s lessons by Robert DeLong and Bill Belejack included “Let It Swing” by Jamie Barnfield and “Run” by Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey.

Dance Sheet Links:
Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby
Let It Swing

Sheryl teaches "Better When I'm Dancin', Baby" to the early group.

Sheryl teaches “Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby” to the early group.

DH360 Line Dance Recap 7/6/16

Bill Belejack

Wednesday night featured a reteach of Frank Trace’s “Emergency” and an introduction of French Pop music with “Sexy Night” by Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen. “Sexy Night” is currently one of the more popular dances this year at the larger events.

From last week, “Big Blue Tree” (Ria Vos) was reviewed and is currently holding the #2 spot for beginner dances on Line Dancer as well as a top ten spot overall and is #8 on this week’s World Line Dance Newsletter.


Step Sheets:


Sexy Night

DH360 Line Dancing 6/29/16

We had a lot of fun with tonight’s selection of dancing. Bringing in alternative tracks for Dancin’ Feet, some hot dances like Sugar Honey I T and of course knocking out a few old school classics that just won’t go away.

Here are tonight’s featured line dance lessons:
Big Blue Tree (Ria Vos)
Stitches (Amy Glass)

Great bit of reviews were in place as well; American Kids & So Just Dance Dance Dance !

We’ll be sure to see these in next week’s rotation as well as plenty more hot music and dances.

DH360 Wednesday Night Line Dancing 6/22/16

Ah, it is nice to get back into teaching line dance classes on a regular basis! We had some new students tonight that needed to get caught up with some of the popular dances in the area. So with that and something for the seasoned dancers, here are the features from tonight:

American Kids
Gin & Tonic
So Just Dance Dance Dance !

Regular Wednesday night line dancing classes start at 6pm. The first hour is geared towards beginners with some experience. 7pm is a more social level up to low intermediate. After all the lessons, open dance follows. $7 covers the whole evening.

Middletown Adult Education Line Dancing 5/10/16

Following up on last week’s class, the MAE group expanded on the rumba box. Taking it a step further, the featured dance was “All About That Bass” by Gail Dawson. The vine was already learned in previous dancing which left the toe struts as new to the newly acquired students.

With the additional time at the end of class, Mamma Maria by Frank Trace was added. The step learned for the class was the Charleston.

Middletown Adult Education 5/3/16

We are underway with round 2 of the Middletown Adult Education Introductory Line Dance Session.

This time around welcomes new students as well as some from the previous class. The focus is to serve two purposes: bring new dance steps to new students (which will reinforce these steps from the previous class) and bring new steps to all. By teaching them what the patterns are called, they will recognize verbal commands down the road for easier teaching.

This class’ featured dances:
Cupid Shuffle
And It Goes Like This
Little Rumba