DH360 Line Dance Recap 9/28/16

The monthly review was conducted at Dance Hall 360 on Wednesday covering 4 of our favorite dances in the last month. A new dance was brought out as a beginner teach which many of us found to be an excellent source of steps at a comfortably slow tempo that instructors can use to transition dancers from an Intro (AB) to Beginner Level. Here is a step sheet for “Tempting Elvis” and a video following. At the bottom is our list of reviews.

A Little Love Trip
Drift Away
The Fighter
Well Do Ya

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 9/27/16

Everything was on track until we experienced the technical difficulty of someone’s wireless mic coming over our intercom system. It caused enough disturbance to shorten the first class (Beg+) and postpone the next (Intro) to a later date.

The Beg+ class started Blue Night Cha, this will be our kickoff lesson for next week.
Here’s a step sheet and video for those looking to prep for next week’s class:
Step Sheet

DH360 Line Dance Recap 9/21/16

Wednesday night’s Line Dancing at Dance Hall 360 brought us a few classics, both in dancing and musically. The oldies brought back were Little Red Book and Ghost Train (Done to Zorba’s Dance)

The featured dance of the night is based on the golden oldie track “Do You Love Me?”, this time performed by the Overtones.
Well Do Ya?

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 9/20/16

The Middletown Adult Education program again kicks off another great session of line dancing! This time around, the classes go for 12 weeks. Again, the classes are geared towards learning the steps associated with line dancing, putting them in a pattern and development of the dancers to be able to participate in social groups with average to minimal instruction.

Intro to Line Dancing (Absolute Beginner Level)
To start off, some basic steps were laid out as ground work. Conga Walks forward and backwards, side-together-side, grapevines, hitches and a Charleston.
Using only two at a time to start, 16 count patterns were formed to just give the practice needed to get comfortable with the steps. For example: the first pattern was (Section 1) Conga Walk forward, backward, (Section 2) Right side-together-side-touch, Left side-together-side touch, turning on the 7th count to make it a 4-wall dance. The actual dance is called “All About You” by Erin Mae Walker.
Other dances learned along the way:
Angelina Easy
Mamma Maria

Continuation of Line Dancing (Beginner Level)
This class is a step up from the Intro to Line Dancing class. At this point, the students know several of the basic steps and can put simple combinations together pretty easily. Having a class of all lightly seasoned dancers at this point, we picked up where we left off in the last session with reviews to freshen up and added 2 dances with steps we have already done. This class is anticipating being able to continue at an Improver dance level by the end of the session.

The reviews:
And It Goes Like This
Mamma Maria
Shake It
Crash and Burn

New Teaches:
Ghost Train
Swamp Thang

DH360 Line Dance Recap 9/14/16

So if you missed out, here are the lessons for line dances on Wednesday 9/14 at Dance Hall 360:

A Little Love Trip
Fun For All

DH360 Line Dance Recap 9/7/16

A night of refreshers, reviews and a new teach. Here’s the recap of Sheryl’s marathon of featured dances:

The Fighter

Drift Away
Shake the Room!
Greater Than Me

DH360 Line Dance Recap 8/10/16

Tonight’s featured dances included a selection from one of our local favorites: Jill Weiss. “Stop and Drink” brings out a little twist on some of the beginner step Rumba Box and literally adds a twist for good measure! The harder lesson at 7pm was “Cake By the Ocean”. This has been extremely popular locally. We’ll be splitting the floor for both Pflug’s and Blevins’ versions. Below are the links:

Stop and Drink
Cake By the Ocean


DH360 Line Dance Recap 8/3/16

Wednesday at Dance Hall 360 feature the #1 dance on CopperKnob (at the time of the teach) choreographed by Rob Fowler.
Here is the run down of featured dances of the night:

Drift Away (Rob Fowler)
Country Walkin’
A Cheerleader

Line Dance Aric

Intro to Line Dance Recap 8/1/16

Monday’s Intro to Line Dancing class featured 3 new dance steps for the students.

– Charleston
– Rocking Chair
– Toe Struts

Here are the dances used to practice these steps:
Mamma Maria (Frank Trace)
Fun For All (Sue Ann Ehmann)

DH360 Line Dance Recap 7/27/16

A completely fun night of dances was had tonight as Aric covered both lessons. Tonight we featured music off the charts from now and recently with Meghan Trainor (#12 on Billboard today!) and Omi.

Here are the dance sheets for lessons tonight:

A Cheerleader
Wanna Be Me