When One Dance Ends, the Next One Begins

Dear Friends and Family,

I was really hoping for the opportunity to say this in person before it got out on the internet. Just didn’t know it would come around so fast. The dance floor at the Loop will soon no longer be our home.

In 2008 I met Dan Hurley at a party the day after my departure from the Cadillac Ranch. That night he invited me to come to his little place called Celebrations Unlimited in an industrial park in Plainville. The following week, I was introduced to a small band of dancers that had recently lost their dance instructor and friend, Chris Haddock.
It started off as a DJing gig, just spinning what ever songs those few dancers wanted played. After a few weeks, they asked me to teach them some dances I knew and so it began… or maybe was revived. A group (that more resembles a family) oriented to dancing and a new career for a DJ as an instructor.
Anyway, it happened and our little group of less than ten dancers grew. We taught each other dance and told our friends about it. Before too long the group grew with friends from other dance groups.
We went threw three owners and name changes together. To this day, the dancers and that dance floor were the longest lasting things in that room.

December 30th will be our last Wednesday at the Loop.

And as we know: When one dance ends, the next one begins…

Myself, Sheryl and some of our very close dance friends have started the process of locating a new dance floor in the Plainville area to call home. We may settle with an interim location as we search for something permanent. And of course, we don’t want to settle for OK in the end. We want good, great or better.

We encourage everyone to come on out for the last few Wednesdays with us and do what we all love to do within each other’s company… dance!

If I have not expressed this enough, I will put it in writing now:
I love what all of us have done for each other. Every memory, dance, laugh and hug. We have gone through so much together and it is what we can all take with us to anywhere the dance leads. Let us celebrate these last few weeks as we prepare for our next step. As sad as this is, it is quite exciting as well.

Thank you all for being family.

See you on the floor,

Aric, Sheryl, Chris, Dan & Meghan,
STM, Celebrations Unlimited & Rockwells

Loop Line Dance Recap 12/2/15

Line Dance Classes at the Loop for Wednesday 12/2/15 featured two completely new choreographies!

Sugar Honey I.T. (Johanna Barnes)
Long Island Slide (John Robinson)
Free Spin

Loop Line Dance Recap 11/18/15

There were no new lessons for the Loop line dance classes on 11/18/15. Most of the instruction was geared as either beginner or a review of recently taught lessons.

Dances covered:
And It Goes Like This
Lindi Shuffle
Shake It
Shut Up and Dance

Reminder: we will not be having a dance session on Wednesday, 11/25/15. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Loop Dance Lesson Recap 11/16/15

Thank you all for an absolutely amazing turn out! Here are the links to the step sheets:

Shut Up and Dance

Loop Line Dance Recap 11/11/15

Here is the list of featured line dances at the Loop for Wednesday 11/11/15:

Shattered Dreams
I’m Gone
Little Red Book
Double Shot Of Crown
Ex’s and Oh’s
Bullfrog On A Log
Shake It
Tuesday Blues

Loop Line Dance Recap 11/4/15

Here is a listing of tonight’s featured line & partner dances dances at the Loop in Plainville, CT for Wednesday 11/4/15:

I’m Gone (Donna Manning)
Ex’s and Oh’s (Amy Glass)
Beginner’s Luck (Ronni Booth)
Rebel Strut (partner dance locally known as 16-Step)

Loop Line Dance Recap 10/28/15

We have a really easy list following the open dance party. 1 line lesson tonight:

Ex’s And Oh’s (Amy Glass)

Loop Line Dance Recap 10/21/15

Night of the Boto Foto! And the Booty Voodoo, Girl Rush & Don’t Crush. A bit of the throw backs, some new looks and buncha great dancing tonight. Here’s the rundown of our features:

I’m Gone (Donna Manning)
Jailhouse Creole (Double Trouble)
Shake It (Ronald Moon)

Preview of next week.

Loop Line Dance Recap 10/7/15

Tonight’s dancing featured a few planned and some unexpected classics! Some that popped up were classic Swamp Thang, Back Street Attitude and Candyman. And of course some current favorites like Wakey Wakey, Dear Future Husband and Homegrown were in the mix as well.
Here’s the lineup of lessons for Wednesday 10/7/15 at the Loop:

Bullfrog On A Log
Turbo Twang
Feels Like Home

Loop Line Dance Recap 9/30/15

Having some fun with an off-the-cuff lesson straight from sheet to floor was one bit of the evening that stood out as anything but a normal routine. Open dance filled the majority of the large room while an advanced dance level worked on some new moves in the front room. Here’s a recap of lessons taught at the Loop on Wednesday 9/30/15:

And Get It On
Brand New Buzz
Real Life (Gayle Mellonson) (Dance sheet not available on line)
Homegrown Honkytonk
Cowboy Twist

Next week’s line up:
6:00-6:45 Beginner, Open Dance & Classics
6:45-7:15 (Main Hall) Feels Like Home
6:45-7:15 (Front Room) Shenandoah Schottische (P)
7:15-7:30 (Front Room) Review: And Get It On
7:15-close Open Dance in Main Hall