Country Night in Middletown

Dancers enjoy some stomping and kicking at the Canoe Club

STM and the Mattabesett Canoe Club re-established a good base for country entertainment in Middletown, CT. Starting off in the lower club level, it was quickly realized “we’re gonna need a bigger floor.” The next dance is already booked for March 15th upstairs.

Aric hosted as both the DJ and dance instructor for the evening and kept the genre alive with current country music, classic favorites and a few surprise selections to keep the crowd on their feet all night. One patron was quoted as saying, “I have danced more tonight in an hour and a half than I have at any of the dance events I’ve been to in the last few months.”

Line dance lesson selections of the evening were “Priscilla”, a line dance choreographed by Randy Pelletier, and “Mr. & Mrs. Goodtime”, a partner pattern dance adapted from a line dance by Duke Alexander.

Several dancers took the opportunity to bring their choice of lead and follow for a few two steps and west coast swing steps.

“Priscilla” Step Sheet
“Mr. & Mrs. Goodtime” Step Sheet

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