Dwight Yoakam’s Second Hand Heart Album Release Party


Dwight Yoakam released his 15th album on 4/14/15. With that, we held an album release party at Illusions Dance Club in Wolcott, CT that featured every track on his album getting play for the dance floor.

Listening to the album, it is quite a classic Dwight sound. If you are fond of his edgy country sound of the 90’s, then this is definitely an album to get this year. It really was not a disappointment at all.

We took a look at pairing some dances with the entire album, although this did not follow a traditional form of writing a line or partner dance to a song, we enjoyed adapting some of our favorites to this sound.

Song, Line Dance, Partner Dance
Believe, Little Rhumba, Down On The Brazos
Dreams Of Clay, (n/a), Sweetheart Stroll
In Another World, Hog Wild / Mercury Blues, Sugarfoot
Liar, Can You 2 Step / Yes!, 2Step / Suicide 16 Step
Man Of Constant Sorrow, Tush Push, 2Step / Schottische
Off Your Mind, CC Shuffle, (n/a)
Second Hand Heart, Bartender Stomp, El Paso Stroll
She, Cruisin’, NC Stroll / Blue Rose
The Big Time, Yes! / Mercury Blues
V’s Of Birds, (n/a), Slow Dance

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