M.A.E. Line Dancing 2/14/17

Middletown Adult Education’s Line Dancing is back in session. The first week featured getting newbies warmed up by way of just working on counting to music using the Macarena; not to mention being able to walk in knowing a dance already, I mean who doesn’t know the Macarena?

The Intro Class moved on to some walking and talking techniques that eventually made it to dancing to music with an all time favorite Mamma Maria. They also got some good reps and basic moves with And It Goes Like This. In week 2, the Electric Slide would give way to a similar dance called Bartender’s Stomp that gave a flavor of country and rock music showing off how flexible dancing can be and how different music can give the same dance a different feel.

The Beginner Class (Continuing) was welcomed back with some easy warm ups. They already knew Bartenders Stomp, so it was a comfy way to get back into it. Tempting Elvis was introduced to start working on step without weight and transitioning from straight count to syncopation. It also has some featured steps that we needed work on.

The students of the Beginner Class (most now having 3-4 sessions experience) are looking forward to a session based on technique. Essentially, slowing down most of the dances we already know and making them look good!

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