DH360 Partner Pattern Recap 3/23/17


In the first dedicated partner pattern class we’ve held since 2015, it’s almost like we’ve never stopped…. almost! Several couples from the former dance hall came back and we’ve introduced some new dancers to the world of partner pattern dancing.

The pilot class is always a start up to get everyone acclimated to either a new environment or new program. This was a little of both depending on who the dancers were. So the expectation was teach a few easy standards and have some new and old dances ready to go for teaches. Add that to “let’s see what they know” and it becomes a juggling act!

Here’s how the night flowed; we started with something for newbies and warm ups for the returning dancers, went on to teach something new for everyone, took a break for reviews a song options then taught another new dance and left it to open dance for those that recalled anything they wanted to do.

Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy Merengue
La Estrella
Southside Girl

*Note that as with many translations over time, older steps may not be exact to the listed sheets.*

This class and dance will be conducted every other week by Aric & Sheryl. The format will likely model the line class on Wednesday with reviews and easy teaches in the first hour, a solid lesson around 7 and open dance to follow.

The next session will be on April 6th (Facebook Event Page).Facebook Event Page
The featured lesson is preferably a reteach of an oldie, please put your picks in the comments of this event, contact Aric, etc to help decide which we’re going to do. For beginners, we will have Electric Slide Couples and North Carolina Stroll ready to go!

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