M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 5/16/17

We’ve finally found a few little curveballs just easy enough to hit, yet enough of a challenge to get some of us having to think!

The Intro Level class had their first experiences with 3/4 turn sequences and a restart! We took some time to work on little drills that practiced the scissor step and turning and scuffing before attempting to tackle “Shattered Dreams”. They also received a bonus lesson of “Shake It”, which took all of 3 minutes to teach because they knew all the step already. It was only a matter of putting them in the right order!

The Beginner Level Class got a 2-fer treat as well! The class started off with a warm up and jumped straight into “American Kids”. It did not take long to actually learn the dance. The challenge was more about the speed of the dance and learning to take appropriately sized steps to accommodate that. With crunch time on the class ending, they got to experience “Emergency”. Most all the steps were very familiar with the group. Again, just a matter of putting them in the right order.

American Kids
Shake It
Shattered Dreams

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