M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 4/25/17

We’re underway with the 2nd session of spring line dancing at Middletown Adult Education! Almost all of the students from the first semester have returned for another dose of line dancing. There are a few new students coming in to fill the class a little more, so taking advantage of that we’ll have some repeat lessons to help bring the new ones up to speed as well as some good review and practice for our return students.

A few dancers wondered onto the 2nd level dance floor and got a taste of some new dancing. Something geared towards styling and technique as well as a few new flavors of dance styles; this is unlike the Intro Class which will just be getting exposure using several styles of music.

Here are the featured dances for the classes.
And It Goes Like This
Bartender’s Stomp
Country As Can Be
Mr. Dee Jay

Country As Can Be
EZ Tango With Me Darling
Little Rumba
Shake It

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