DH360 Line Dance Recap 5/9/17

DH360 welcomed the Farmington Adult Education Line Dance Class who had just completed their sessions back at Farmington High School.
Here are the featured lessons from Tuesday, May 9th, 2017:

Mr Dee Jay
Country Walkin


DH360 Partner Pattern Dance Recap 5/4/17

After a few sessions of this class, we’ve got enough material known to ease the drilling of repeat lessons and use them for open dance! Luckily, many of the partners already have a baseline of dances they can do, which helps the newer dancers have someone to follow. We now also have a few more moderate to challenging dances to keep it interesting as well.

The featured lessons of the night were:
Lorrie’s Dance (Lorrie’s Cha)
Sweetheart Schottische
U.K. Corral Shuffle

A mention of a pretty good resource for finding partner dances was in following Alan & Sonia’s YouTube channel. IF you would like to check them out for dance references or requests to be taught, here are some links:
Alsonvideo on YouTube

Here is a complete list of dances taught since this program’s inception:
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy Merengue
El Paso
Electric Slide Couples
Jubilee Stroll
La Estrella
Lorrie’s Dance
Southside Girl
Sweetheart Schottische
U.K. Corral Shuffle

DH360 Line Dance Recap 5/3/17

Tonight’s dances were based on a review of recent material. Most notably, “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” by Kinser, Dahlgreen & Barr. Love these law firm sounding teams, don’t ya? It is an Intermediate level Night Club rhythm that features a few diagonal sequences to break up having a straight up face-one-wall kind of feel. What puts this on the easier side of INT is that it is only 2 walls. To add a little more fun, two completely different tags break up the routine, luckily on the 12:00 wall to make it easier to remember where it is.

Step Sheet

M.A.E. Line Dance recap 5/2/17

The Beginner Class is moving along well with reteaches and techniques in line dancing. They are reviewing dances they know and working on how to become better at the new steps, which in turn makes them look great on harder dances.

The Intro Class was most impressive! After doing the warm up dances and a few reviews, they barreled on to 3 new teaches on 30 minutes! I guess all that terminology teaching paid off.

Here’s the line up of dances taught at Middletown Adult Education on Tuesday 5/2/17:

Intro Class:
Bullfrog on a Log
Exotic Cowboy
Mamma Maria

Beginner Class:
Little Rumba
EZ Tango With Me Darling
Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby

DH360 Line Dance Recap Tuesday 5/2/17

Here’s the line up of featured dances from Sheryl at Dance Hall 360 on Tuesday, 5/2/17.

Feel the Beat
Ex’s and Oh’s

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 4/25/17

We’re underway with the 2nd session of spring line dancing at Middletown Adult Education! Almost all of the students from the first semester have returned for another dose of line dancing. There are a few new students coming in to fill the class a little more, so taking advantage of that we’ll have some repeat lessons to help bring the new ones up to speed as well as some good review and practice for our return students.

A few dancers wondered onto the 2nd level dance floor and got a taste of some new dancing. Something geared towards styling and technique as well as a few new flavors of dance styles; this is unlike the Intro Class which will just be getting exposure using several styles of music.

Here are the featured dances for the classes.
And It Goes Like This
Bartender’s Stomp
Country As Can Be
Mr. Dee Jay

Country As Can Be
EZ Tango With Me Darling
Little Rumba
Shake It

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/19/17

So while I was away, 4 new dances were introduced to Wednesday nights! We took tonight to review/reteach 3 of them.

Here are the new ones:
Crash A Little
Money Maker
Bring On the Good Times

And some other cool ones we broke out:
Beers Ago
Dream Lover
Dane With Me Baby

DH360 Partner Pattern Dancing 4/6/17

Another good turnout and a lot of fun. Tonight’s focus was finishing the table setting for having a few established dances and rekindling some old favorites. Beginners were welcomed back and got a review on their material as well as our experienced dancers who also got the same and a few refreshers on some old favorites.

The new teaches for the night:
Electric Slide (Couples)

Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy Merengue
La Estrella
Southside Girl

Our next Partner Pattern Dance is scheduled for Thursday, 4/20/17. Here is the Facebook Event.

At this point it looks like El Paso & Jubilee Stroll are up for teaches. We will be using both original music and alternative songs.

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/5/17

Tonight’s featured dances were requested reteaches that may have been recently missed by some of the regular dancers and for others an opportunity to freshen up on ones they know. Here’s the rundown of those and the reviews:

The Fighter
Drift Away
Stomp Like Hell
Aces and Eights
I’ll Be There

*The Fighter will be a floor split at the Cadillac Ranch with another version in the front.

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/4/17

Here are the featured dances at Dance Hall 360 from the Intro and Beginner’s classes on Tuesday 4/4/17:

Baby Star
Dirty Underwear
Shotgun Jenny