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M.A.E. Line Dance recap 5/2/17

The Beginner Class is moving along well with reteaches and techniques in line dancing. They are reviewing dances they know and working on how to become better at the new steps, which in turn makes them look great on harder dances. The Intro Class was most impressive! After doing the warm up dances and a […]

DH360 Line Dance Recap 4/19/17

So while I was away, 4 new dances were introduced to Wednesday nights! We took tonight to review/reteach 3 of them. Here are the new ones: Crash A Little Money Maker Bring On the Good Times And some other cool ones we broke out: Beers Ago Dream Lover Dane With Me Baby Missing

DH360 Partner Pattern Dancing 4/6/17

Another good turnout and a lot of fun. Tonight’s focus was finishing the table setting for having a few established dances and rekindling some old favorites. Beginners were welcomed back and got a review on their material as well as our experienced dancers who also got the same and a few refreshers on some old […]

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 4/4/17

To wrap up the first session of line dancing in Middletown, we have some amazing new dancers in the line dance world! The Intro class started the next part of the journey being introduced to syncopation. That dreaded “&” count that made everything we know oh so much more confusing is now a new topic […]


DH360 Line Dance Recap 3/29/17

Here’s a list of the featured dances from Dance Hall 360 for Wednesday 3/29/17: Aces and Eights Stomp Like Hell I’ll Be There Blessed In Your Suitcase

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 3/28/17

It was an extremely impressive class tonight. Both the Intro and Beginner’s classes were on their game and willing to get right to it! The Intro class started the night with some one-wall walk-thrus and picked up their featured dance in just under fifteen minutes and had time left over for some open dancing. We […]


DH360 Partner Pattern Recap 3/23/17

In the first dedicated partner pattern class we’ve held since 2015, it’s almost like we’ve never stopped…. almost! Several couples from the former dance hall came back and we’ve introduced some new dancers to the world of partner pattern dancing. The pilot class is always a start up to get everyone acclimated to either a […]


DH360 Line Dance Recap 3/8/17

This past Wednesday we had a good turnout with quite a variety in requests. We stayed until 11! Out of the norm to follow up a 2nd teach of last week’s “Tango With Me Darling”, we did a reteach of a favorite and brought in two intro dances from the Middletown Adult Education Class to […]

DH360 Line Dancing 2/15/17

This edition of Wednesday Night Lines fetured a lot of good reviews and some easier new dances. The past two weeks got a taste of easier country dances with Randy Pelletier’s latest dance to High Valley’s “Soldier” and the very soothing sound of William Michael Morgan’s “Missing” with the choreography of the same name by […]

M.A.E. Line Dancing 2/14/17

Middletown Adult Education’s Line Dancing is back in session. The first week featured getting newbies warmed up by way of just working on counting to music using the Macarena; not to mention being able to walk in knowing a dance already, I mean who doesn’t know the Macarena? The Intro Class moved on to some […]