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M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 5/16/17

We’ve finally found a few little curveballs just easy enough to hit, yet enough of a challenge to get some of us having to think! The Intro Level class had their first experiences with 3/4 turn sequences and a restart! We took some time to work on little drills that practiced the scissor step and […]

M.A.E. Line Dance recap 5/2/17

The Beginner Class is moving along well with reteaches and techniques in line dancing. They are reviewing dances they know and working on how to become better at the new steps, which in turn makes them look great on harder dances. The Intro Class was most impressive! After doing the warm up dances and a […]

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 4/4/17

To wrap up the first session of line dancing in Middletown, we have some amazing new dancers in the line dance world! The Intro class started the next part of the journey being introduced to syncopation. That dreaded “&” count that made everything we know oh so much more confusing is now a new topic […]

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 3/28/17

It was an extremely impressive class tonight. Both the Intro and Beginner’s classes were on their game and willing to get right to it! The Intro class started the night with some one-wall walk-thrus and picked up their featured dance in just under fifteen minutes and had time left over for some open dancing. We […]


M.A.E. Line Dancing 3/7/17

Here is the line up of dances taught and reviewed by the Middletown Adult Education Line Dancers on Tuesday 3/8/17: Intro: I’m No Angel Como Yo Y Beginners: Little Rumba Better When I’m Dancin’ Baby The Beginner’s Class also took a look at a few dances the Intro class would see later on: Do You […]

M.A.E. Line Dancing 2/28/17

Catching up after school break, the Middletown Adult Education line dancing classes did some intense review on the previous 2 week’s worth of dances and each picked up 2 new lines dances. The Intro Class used “I’m No Angel” to work on changing full weight vs touch patterns. Think: step-touch, step-touch to touch-step, touch-step. The […]

M.A.E. Line Dancing 2/14/17

Middletown Adult Education’s Line Dancing is back in session. The first week featured getting newbies warmed up by way of just working on counting to music using the Macarena; not to mention being able to walk in knowing a dance already, I mean who doesn’t know the Macarena? The Intro Class moved on to some […]

M.A.E. Line Dance Recap 10/25/16

Middletown Adult Education is moving along and getting better! The Intro Class worked on some basic steps and reviewed a few dances from previous classes. Our primary focus were the jazz box, toe & heel struts and rocking chairs. The Beginner+ class started working on Latin music in the last session and that carried over […]

M.A.E. Line Dancing Recap 10/18/16

The classes are progressing! The Intro class has stepped up their game and started in on shuffle steps while the Beginner+ group is moving into both Latin and Waltz rhythms! Intro Class Lessons: Tempting Elvis Beginner+ Lessons: The Waltz Line Dance (taught with 1 twinkle set) Pitbull

Country Night In Middletown 5/17/15

Country Night in Middletown was held at the Canoe Club, 2nd floor. Music and Lessons provided by Aric. Here are the featured dances of the night: Line: Baby, I’m Right (Dan Albro) Music: Darius Rucker – Baby, I’m Right Line: Two Step (Robert Royston) Music: Laura Bell Bundy – Two Step Partner: Down On The […]