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DH360 Partner Pattern Recap 7/13/17

Tonight’s top featured dance was “Triple Cross” by Dan Albro. Other Reviews: North Carolina Stroll La Estrella Southside Girl After the Dawn

DH360 Partner Pattern Dancing 4/6/17

Another good turnout and a lot of fun. Tonight’s focus was finishing the table setting for having a few established dances and rekindling some old favorites. Beginners were welcomed back and got a review on their material as well as our experienced dancers who also got the same and a few refreshers on some old […]

Partner Pattern Dancing List & Requests

Dear Partners, This is a link to what we have started as a list of Partner Pattern Dances for our Thursday night events. It includes dances we know, have known, standards, currents, requests, etc. Feel free to check them out and put in your requests on what you’d like to see taught, reviewed, brought back, […]


DH360 Partner Pattern Recap 3/23/17

In the first dedicated partner pattern class we’ve held since 2015, it’s almost like we’ve never stopped…. almost! Several couples from the former dance hall came back and we’ve introduced some new dancers to the world of partner pattern dancing. The pilot class is always a start up to get everyone acclimated to either a […]